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Medical Negligence NI Solicitors

Medical negligence ni When you put your trust in a healthcare professional, you expect them to do their best to take care of you. However, all too often this duty of care is breached causing medical negligence ni, and patients end up suffering at the hands of their doctors which you may have seen recently […]
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Belfast trust in biggest recall ever of NI patients

Belfast trust in biggest recall ever of NI patients By Marie-Louise Connolly BBC News NI Health Correspondent – SOURCE: This is the biggest recall ever of patients in Northern Ireland and it is also the most serious. Among the 2,500 under review are children, some of whom may have been struggling with a wrong […]
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Proud sponsors of Réalta na Cromóige Football Club

Réalta na Cromóige are a football club based in the Market and Ormeau Road areas of South Belfast.  They where founded 4 years ago with the aim of bringing more people in disadvantaged areas into sport and positive social activity an so bring about some positive changes for the community as a whole.  Currently the […]
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Mairia Cahill reveals her harassment hell after ex’s cruel campaign of abuse

SOURCE SENATOR Mairia Cahill has told of her harassment hell after her ex-partner was convicted of a cruel campaign of abuse against her. Belfast man Stephen Altimas posted a series of malicious and menacing Facebook posts about the Labour politician, including vile allegations about her elderly father earlier this year. On Monday the 36-year-old, of […]
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Facebook users banned from accessing accounts

An alleged victim of revenge porn has secured a High Court order banning two Facebook users from accessing or altering their accounts. The woman, from an undisclosed part of Northern Ireland, claims a highly sexualised photo she sent to a former partner was published after the relationship ended. She is suing him and another user […]
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